What’s With This Social Media Thing?

What’s With This Social Media Thing?

A lot of people are into social media – and who hasn’t heard of Facebook? But a lot of people also don’t “get it”, and business people in particular fall into this group. There’s much talk about engaging people on social media sites in order to drive traffic to a firm’s website, and that does work for some businesses. Still, many business owners don’t “get” the power of social media to build business relationships, and that’s unfortunate.

One possible reason may be that social media marketing is a misunderstood discipline, especially among¬†business people interested in marketing their businesses. A common approach a business person may take is to start a blog and write articles about his or her company or practice, with the expectation that somehow it will¬†bring traffic to their website. That doesn’t happen, and so the feeling is that social media marketing is not what it’s cracked up to be. It takes more than a few entries in Facebook and Twitter and You Tube to promote a business using social media.

Imagine learning surgery, or law, or engineering in a crash course. It can’t be done. Neither can social media marketing, and that’s where do-it-yourself social media fails to generate sales. Social media marketing is a skill that requires training, experience, and the right tools. With an understanding of the principles of social media combined with internet marketing, a business can expect, at the very least, a good deal more traffic to its website. In fact, a social media marketing campaign can elevate a business to the first page of Google for relevant keywords, and isn’t that what every business owner wants?

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