Video Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Video Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies that include videos in their marketing are way ahead of the curve in getting new business. That’s because, well, most manufacturers don’t include video in their marketing effort, and video is the most powerful medium on the internet. Online videos not only are favored by the Google search engine, but they also get more attention from viewers compared to plain text ads.

Manufacturing companies find new customers with VIDEOS – especially videos promoted on social media.

Successful manufacturing companies use cutting edge technology, but their marketing has lagged. Now, with the social media revolution, they are just beginning to utilize cutting edge marketing tools as well, and video is the most impactful marketing tool of all. The reason is because of video’s great visual appeal and also because of high placement videos receive in search engines. But while many manufacturers have made efforts to use social media, most don’t have the knowledge to conduct an effective marketing campaign or produce quality videos.

There’s really no reason for manufacturers not to embrace video marketing and social media, especially since manufacturers’ investment in social media video marketing is small compared to their investment in plant and equipment. Also, the investment in social media and video marketing is an insurance policy that protects those capital investments.

Most manufacturing companies should use outside help to build their presence on social media sites and to develop content, at least to get started. Social media marketing is a highly targeted undertaking, and manufacturers generally don’t know where to begin.

And who better to provide videos and social media for manufacturer’s than people who have manufacturing backgrounds? The Social Media Marketing Depot was founded by people who have manufacturing backgrounds. In fact, the President of the company is a mechanical engineer who ran his own multi-plant manufacturing firm for over 30 years and employed over 200 people.

Manufacturers whose products are sold directly to consumers have a more compelling need to market with social media. Because of the tremendous reach of social networks, social media is an extremely efficient way for manufacturers to market to consumers, reaching a wider audience for a lower cost than other forms of marketing. Social media can also provide information about their products, their industry, and even their competitors directly from consumers.

Every manufacturer should be marketing on social networks, and use social media, especially video, to market on those networks. Many manufacturers have come to the realization that they need to actively market themselves on social media and look upon social media marketing as an integral part of their businesses.


  1. Great blog post, I agree that video is a very powerful tool for manufacturers. In fact, YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world behind Google! So there is massive value in video marketing on YouTube for manufacturers. I’ll be quoting this post in a future post of mine on Kaplan Social Media’s blog.


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