Social Media Video Marketing for NY & LI Businesses

Social Media Video Marketing for NY & LI Businesses

Social Media and Online Video are among the best ways for businesses to promote themselves  , with video being a major factor in attracting potential new customers. Videos are  a great relationship building tool because they give viewers a visual awareness of the business and it’s principals. That’s why companies that utilize videos in combination with social media marketing have an edge over their competitors whose marketing leaves out a visual medium.

There are some important things to know when designing or scripting your online videos. For example, while the video’s title and keyword tags are important, it’s also important to include these keywords in the body of your videos, and there’s an important reason why this is so.

Companies can also use a marketing system using videos to direct visitors to their lead capture page, where the visitors are invited or enticed to enter their email address on an opt-in form. Using this system, companies drive traffic from across the web using multiple keyword-specific videos, direct that traffic to a lead capture page, capture visitors’ contact information on an auto responder list, direct them to their blog or website for more information, and send out a series of messages with additional videos, all leading up to a sale.

We’ve made a video that helps explain how social media video marketing works:

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