Optimizing Web Video In 3 Steps

Optimizing Web Video In 3 Steps

Web video is one of the hottest Internet marketing trends. Many companies have already jumped on the opportunity. Online video reaches a wide audience in an engaging format. Videos are also indexed by search engines – providing link popularity. Video helps businesses establish credibility, build trust and convert more Web visitors into contacts.

To maximize the effectiveness of your videos, they need to be optimized, just like you would optimize your website content. This will help your videos rank well in search engines, meaning people will see your videos listed on the search results page.

Here are three tips to help you optimize your Web videos:

  1. Include your target keywords in your video title and summary. Ideally, you should include the keywords in the titles of the video and then repeat the same keywords at least twice in the summaries. For example, if your video explains the common mistakes people make when choosing a financial advisor, your title could be “Find out What to Ask When Choosing a Financial Advisor.” The keyword, “financial advisor,” should then be mentioned two more times in the video summary.
  2. Be mindful of word count and maximum characters. While it is imperative that you incorporate your keywords and phrases, you do need to be aware that there are parameters when it comes to word count, or the maximum number of characters allowed. Your video title should be no more than 64 characters (including spaces and punctuation) and your summary should be less than 200 words.
  3. Create video tags. Your video tags should be your keywords. Don’t overdo your video tags, though, and only include the ones that are related to the content in your video.

One final suggestion, be sure to include a link to one of your web pages at the beginning of your video summary.  These back links ultimately improve your Web presence.

At the Social Media Marketing Depot, we have the knowledge and capability to help you create powerful and conversion-focused videos. We also can assist you with optimizing your videos. For more information, contact us today at 631-615-8286. 

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