Internet Marketing For Law Firms

Internet Marketing For Law Firms

Law firm marketing is an important consideration for every law firm that wants to keep on top of the competition. It’s an important decision, and even more so due to the proliferation of marketing strategies. In the past, law firms marketed their services largely through agencies. The technique was generally to produce and air television ads, along with a direct mail campaign.

Then came the internet, and law firms, like all businesses, turned to internet marketing as a tool to promote themselves. Early on, the technique was to build a website, followed by the realization that marketing was required to drive traffic to the law firm’s website. As web sites proliferated and Google became the dominant search engine, law firms resorted to pay-per-click advertising as a means to elevate their website’s position in web searches. As competition among law firms increased, popular keywords for law firms can cost as much as $25 per click, resulting in several thousand dollars each month.

Many law firms use old-line marketing agencies to provide them with internet marketing services. Unfortunately, many of these agencies, steeped in the old-school regimen of print, TV, and direct mail advertising, are not up to speed in today’s new-age web marketing technologies – especially social media marketing.

For example, many marketing agencies offer law firms a package consisting of setting up a Facebook and Twitter account for the law firm, and adding a few Tweets and Facebooks friends each month. Understandably (to us at the Social Media Marketing Depot), the law firms sees little if anything in the way of new business.

Here, at the Depot, we providelaw firms with an internet marketing package consisting of videos, blogs, podcasts, articles, and social bookmarks. Our internet marketing campaigns include  content that we distribute to hundreds of social media sites, not just a few. Even our least expensive internet marketing package includes broad distribution of content throughout the web.

And the results? Our clients often place on page 1 of Google for their targeted keywords as a result of our work.

At the Depot, we specialize in internet marketing and social media marketing: for law firms and other businesses. We don’t do print advertising, and we don’t do direct mail advertising. We’ve invested heavily in time and money in nothing but internet marketing. Calling all law firms………..come to the Depot, get your internet marketing and social media marketing right here, right now.

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