Instant Gratification of Social Media Marketing

Instant Gratification of Social Media Marketing

We live in a world where people expect instant gratification from their activities. However, this is often unrealistic and usually doesn’t happen. Social media marketing is one of those things where immediate results CAN be seen within just a few days of publishing content. Those results usually take the form of higher search placement of the content in searches of properly selected, targeted keywords.

That being said, social media marketing, like most marketing, requires time to generate results.  The good news is that it need not take much time to see positive results, especially if the social media campaign makes good use of video.

Videos that promote a clear message and have backlinks to the advertiser’s website can bring new visitors within only a few days, meaning that social media marketing, while perhaps not delivering instant results, can work very quickly. More importantly, content does not disappear from on-line access unlike other forms of advertising, a big consideration for choosing social media marketing over more traditional forms of advertising.

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