How To Get More Business Leads Using Internet Influence Engines

How To Get More Business Leads Using Internet Influence EnginesYou know that Google is the number one search engine, and most business owners want prospects to find their website by searching Google for products and services they provide. But there are more than 50 other online locations where prospects and customers can find information about business when looking for a supplier or service provider from whom to buy. Businesses can greatly expand their online presence by using these sites, and they also help Google rank a business, giving it higher and greater visibility on the web. We call these sites "Influence Engines" and they include:

  • Local search engines like Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Merchant Circle
  • Social Networking sites like Facebook, Yelp!, and Twitter
  • Internet business directories like and Kudzu
  • Online Business Directories specific to your region or metro area
  • Online Directory Assistance sites like
  • Many Category-specific directories relating to your industry

………and remember, these are just a few of the many influence engines where your business needs to be listed. These Influence Engines are critically important to your business because they can have an enormous impact on how easily people find you online. Getting your information listed and encouraging customers to post comments and reviews is one of the most important things you should do to help you get leads and customers from the internet. We can help get your business listed prominently in ALL the influence engines. Contact us or enter your name and email address at and we'll contact you, tell you exactly how we help, and the cost. Make this a high priority, because it matters to your business success.

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