Does Your Insurance Marketing Suck?

Does Your Insurance Marketing Suck?

As a licensed insurance agent, you are a valuable asset. Insurance agents are highly educated, highly motivated, state licensed, and financially astute. Insurance agents provide their clients with solutions to reducing risks in areas of life, accident, casualty and health. They often are instrumental in helping clients with crucial financial planning decisions.

Does Your Company Take You For Granted?

All insurance companies recruit their agents, and want as many as they can get because agents are not paid employees, compensated solely on commissions. Following recruitment, agents are expected to sell the companies’ products with, in most cases, little or no marketing assistance from the company.

As A Licensed Insurance Agent, Does Your
Company Provide Internet Presence That
Helps You Sell Their Products?

A “must-have” resource for any insurance agent is a website that attracts visitors and leads, and because most agents are independent salespeople, they are responsible for their own websites at their expense. Since agents are not web designers or marketers, most agent websites are ineffective. Where an insurance company provides just a page listing for their agents on a company site, those pages have no agent marketing so there’s virtually no traffic.

Does Your Insurance Company
Provide Marketing For You?

Very few insurance companies provide their agents with a great website, let alone the marketing to drive traffic – leaving it up to each agent to provide it at their own expense! As an agent, you provides sales support for the insurance company you represent, but shouldn’t you expect the same from them in terms of marketing?

One Example
This Company Outdoes Most Others

See an example of an insurance company that goes the extra mile by providing their agents a superior website. It’s not only user friendly, but user interactive. Click the image below to see the website they provide their agents. If the company you represent isn’t providing you with superior web tools that help you sell their products, send me an email at

This Company-Supplied Site
Helps Agents Do More Business


Discover How To Drive More
Traffic To Your Website