Are You Popular?

Are You Popular?

Link popularity – it’s what gets a website on the top page of a Google Search. But what makes your  website popular? And just what does it mean to be popular on the internet? Well, if there are many references to your website from other sources, it means that others are “talking” about you. The more references to your website from other sources, each incremental mention adds to your site’s popularity.

Link popularity cannot be generated with SEO. The importance of SEO is to insure that the search engines see your site as relevant to a particular keyword/s. That’s important too, but in terms of getting high search ranking, the importance of link popularity is paramount.

That’s why smart businesses know they need to put in place a marketing strategy that includes some  form of social marketing. Unfortunately, because very few businesses know what social marketing is, they get short-changed by their service providers, many of whom don’t have the tools to deploy much of what a social marketing campaign requires.

That’s why so many businesses, especially small businesses, think that social marketing is having a page on Facebook, a few tweets on Twitter, a blog with a few posts, and a YouTube video. Not surprisingly, they don’t see a pick-up in business.

But it would be wrong to assume that social media isn’t working for them. It’s that they don’t have in place a sufficiently robust campaign, and their content is not sufficiently engaging.

Clients of  the Social Media Marketing Depot get their messages blasted out on hundreds of sites, ensuring their message and content is seen virtually everywhere. And the messages we create are interesting and timely. Which brings us back ot link popularity, and this is what Social Media Marketing is all about.

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