Get Them Talking

Get Them Talking

Your company’s website provides information about your products and services. But to get noticed on the web, it’s important to get people talking about those products and services.  A website is like a storefront on Main Street, and every company wants to maintain a good appearance to attract prospects’ attention.

But having an attractive website does little to get the attention of search engines. In order for prospects to notice you, they have to be able to find you That’s why it is imperative to get the search engines to give your company high placement when someone searches for your products and services.  

With the intense competition of today’s marketplace, every business strives to build a solid internet presence that attracts prospects and, hopefully, turn those prospects into paying customers.

Most firms know it’s important to optimize their pages with keywords and content to get high search ranking. This is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and the idea is to have a large number of keywords and substantial content so that search engines give a first page placement.

But SEO is not good enough any more. Most companies’ have done SEO, and with the thousands (or millions) of search results returned from any search, the likelihood of SEO alone to achieve a first page ranking is nil.

So, how can your company get higher ranking for its website on the search engines? The answer is to look beyond the website.

This is where Social Media comes in. Social Media Marketing goes way beyond SEO for attracting the attention of the search engines, and hence, getting a first page ranking. But what is the essence of a Social Media Marketing Strategy? Simply put, it is to get people talking about you!

When people talk, they post blogs, upload videos, write articles, and talk about your company. Other people see those articles, and the word spreads. This strategy works very differently than SEO. Using social media websites, people talk about you, instead of you talking about yourself. That’s the essence, and the power, of Social Media Marketing.